Laiya-Aplaya Beach: The pride of San Juan Batangas

22-23 April 2007: The municipality of San Juan is an added beach target in Batangas, it is located in the eastern part of the province facing the Tayabas Bay and Marinduque. The beach has a whopping 7.2 km shoreline with semi-fine white sand that’s why it turn into one of the favorite summer spots in the South.

In 2006, summer time, together with my high school best friends, we promised that we need to have a ‘summer getaway’ every year no matter how busy we are. We will find time to have this getaway be part of our hectic schedule. So, in the early part of 2007 we planned our first out-of-town getaway and the lucky destination was the Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas. After almost three hours of roadtrip including half an hour rough road, we finally reached the resort. It was a normal beach resort that has swimming pool inside, other past time activities like billiards and darts, small souvenir shop, compulsory buffet meal packages, and many more.

After we unpacked our stuff and had some refreshments, we headed to the beach and take pleasure of seeing the nice view of the long white beach stretch of Laiya. Although it was not as fine as the Puerto Galera white sand, yet the blue waters of Tayabas Bay looks like it was inviting you to play with her.

After few hours of talking and sharing stories, we finally decided to clash in the heat of the sun and enjoy the alluring blue water of the beach, perfect time to get tanned and taste the salt water of Batangas. I really like the feeling of swimming in the sea, clean and salty water, waves, and its deepness. The day had finished with of course, with the buffet dinner and a social drink.

A brilliant sunlight welcomed us the following day. It was a good start of the day and we had a great view of its shadows reflecting in the sea. This amazing panorama which is munificently given away by Mother Earth on a daily basis is an experience to be thankful with, an ordinary every day event in your life to treasure and appreciate.

After a quick breakfast, we headed to the boat we rented, started the bay hopping and went snorkeling in the nearby shore to see my friend Nemo, unfortunately, he was not around. We get back to the resort before lunch time and enjoyed the remaining time in the swimming pool before we head back home.

The Laiya journey served as the gateway for me to explore the rest of Batangas’ destinations since it is undeniably impossible by that time to say that I will travel all around the Philippines. Since I’d been to Cuenca, Matabungkay, Lipa, Talisay, Batangas City, Calatagan, Nasugbu, and San Juan, I think only few destinations was left and I can proudly shout one day that...

“I’d been to all beaches and mountains of Batangas already.”

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  1. Ang dami talagang magagandang beach resorts sa Batangas at ang dali pang puntahan.Hindi na kailangan pa magrent ng banka.

  2. Yes tama po :) kaya yun kalimitan destination namin dati. :) Ms. claire thank you for browsing my site. Cheers! :)

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