Mt. Romelo (Buruwisan Falls, Lover Falls, Batya-Batya Falls and Sampaloc Falls): 4 falls + 1 long river + 1 mountain = great place to review and reminisce

18-19 March 2006: Due to my busy schedule of review for the upcoming board exam I wasn’t able to join my friends (Tim Galon and Cesar Aquino) on the 1st day of the Mt. Romelo climb. Nevertheless, I joined Tim’s co-mountaineers who planned to go on the next day.

Going up were easy, grass lands, hill, dry part, rain forest, river crossing, rappelling and swimming in the basin. Mt. Romelo was an effortless climb and I can rate it as 2/10 in difficulty. No major assault. The only complicated part was the rappel in the Buruwisan Falls and the climb in the Batya-Batya Falls going to Sampaloc Falls.

The rest you can just enjoy the view and soak your body in the abundant fresh water of the mountain. There was also numerous number of bukal (local term for water source). Camping site was near the river, or in the huge rock formation near the river. Some people also camp in the Buruwisan Falls. Lots of mountaineers gathered here any time of the year even though bandits are common in the said mountain. Luckily, during that time, there were only few mountaineers and no robbers in the area that bother us. We experienced serene and relaxing climb. 

Mt. Romelo was the 4th and last mountain I conquered before my board exam. I brought my review materials and did a glimpse on it while sitting back/lying down on the big rock near the river; while enjoying the view of the swaying leaves of the trees, loving the sounds of the whistling birds and memorizing the sounds of the running water from the falls of the mountain. I’m thankful that God has created these simple things to enjoy with, and I promised not to hurt them hence protect them and influence others to do the same.

“I believe in hard work and perseverance.”


  1. wow di ko pa napuntahan to . sana next time makapunta dn ako dito

    1. Hello Chino, malapit lang sa manila yan sir. Laguna, 1.5hrs lang :)

  2. Ang sarap lumangoy sa tubig. I haven't thought of bringing my review materials while on a beach much more on a mountain. I could bring a book though. Pero ikaw, wow! Pati sa bundok nagrereview. :)

    1. Hi Roman, it just happened that I found the peace of mind there. Thank you for reading sir! Cheers! ;)

  3. next time when I go here, i must see sampaloc and batya-batya falls. btw, is Lanzones falls aka Lovers Falls?

    1. Hello Dee, you're right, Lanzones is also called the Lovers Falls.

  4. until now di ko parin napupuntahan huhu. Maulan na kasi.

    1. Hello Chino, you can do rainy season climb also, but a bit care must observe. Happy travel!

  5. wow! bucket list... 7falls po yan dba? ilan lang po pwde nktang falls?

    1. Hello Gelai: based on internet resources, yes it is seven. but we only managed to got 4. no idea how to get the other three :)

    2. alright!Thanks for the info Sir! Hope to climb this mountain too :)

    3. Welcome ma'am! Happy travels and take care! :)

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