A promise continued in Anawangin Cove via Mt. Pundaquit

Way back 2009; I volunteered to organize a getaway with my high school best friends. I chose a northern destination for the reason that we are always heading south and most of us haven’t much the warmth of northern Philippines. During that time Anawangin was at its crest of being popularized by mountaineers and travelers. Its aura was revealed on internet and passionate travelers in town.

My Niece (Yenyen) and I on top of Mt. Pundaquit

The adventure was materialized when I started browsing the internet (pinoymountaineer.com to be exact), this site has been very useful for me (for many of us, I assume) and served as my top guide in all my hiking expeditions. I started our adventure by an invitation email that contains a bit detailed information with subject “Paglalakbay sa Tag-init” (Summer Getaway). It was sent on 17 March 2009, 11:41am to my friends in a deep Filipino language.

print-screen of original email sent last March 2009

Ano ito?

Paglalakbay sa Tag-init
Summer Getaway


Para sumaya at magsaya.
To be happy and to enjoy.


Sa Anawangin Cove, Zambales.
In Anawangin Cove, Zambales.


Abril 19, 2009, Linggo. Isang buong araw na pagpapagod.
April 19, 2009, Sunday. One day of physical challenge.


Led Zeffelyn
Amapola Jane
Bong – bf ni Led Zeffelyn
Lawrence – bf ni Lowela
Ako at kung sino pa ang gustong sumama.
Me and others

Paano makakapunta?
How to get there?

Mag-arkila ng sasakyan mula Laguna hanggang San Antonio, Zambales. Pwede ding magpaubaya yung mayayaman dyan at papagasan na lang yung sasakyan nya.
Rent a van from Laguna to San Antonio, Zambales. For those rich people, you may lend your car and we’ll do sharing for petrol fee.

Heto yung daloy ng paglalakbay.
Here’s the itinerary.

0000 Ayusin na ang lahat para sa nalalapit na pag-alis
0030 Aalis ng Laguna
0400 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa San Antonio ; magtungo na sa Brgy. Pundaquit
0430 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa Brgy. Pundaquit; simulan na ang pamumundok
0700 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa tuktok ng Mt. Anawangin
0715 Simulan ang pagbaba patungo sa Anawangin Cove
0930 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa Anawangin Cove
1200 Mananghalian sa Anawangin Cove
1300 Blanko pa ang mga oras na ito.
1400 Blanko pa ang mga oras na ito.
1500 Blanko pa ang mga oras na ito.
1600 Babalik na sa Brgy. Pundaquit gamit ang bangka.
1430 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa Brgy. Pundaquit; bumalik na sa San Antonio
1800 Maghapunan sa Subic
1930 Babalik na ng Laguna
2300 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa Laguna at pagod na pagod na ngunit masaya
0000 Tantyang oras ng pagdating sa kani-kanilang mga bahay. Sakto dalawampu’t apat na oras gising. Haha.

0000 Gather in meeting place.
0030 Estimated time of departure: Laguna
0400 Estimated time of arrival: San Antonio; Head to Brgy. Pundaquit
0430 Estimated time of departure: Brgy. Pundaquit; Start hike
0700 Estimated time of arrival: Mt. Anawangin peak
0715 Head down to Anawangin Cove
0930 Estimated time of arrival: Anawangin Cove
1200 Lunch at Anawangin Cove
1300 Free time.
1400 Free time..
1500 Free time.
1600 Head to Brgy. Pundaquit via boat.
1430 Estimated time of arrival: Brgy. Pundaquit; Head to San Antonio
1800 Dinner at Subic
1930 Head to Laguna
2300 Estimated time of arrival: Laguna. Very tired but happy
0000 Estimated time of arrival: Individual home. Exactly 24 hours of adventure without sleeping. Haha.

Anong dadalhin?
What to bring?

Gamit personal.
Personal things.
Lakas ng katawan.
Body strength.
Inuming tubig, 2-liters kada tao.
Drinking water. 2 liters per head.
Pagkain at inumin (ipipinale pa ito pag ok na ang lahat)
Food and drinks (I will finalize it soon)


Sa pagpunta ay aakyat tayo ng bundok kaya para sa mga babae, board shorts or kahit anong magaan na shorts wag maong, kung gusto nyo mag jogging pants ok lang din, sleeveless o sando o tshirt o razor back, ang tsinelas dapat rubber and closed kung gusto nyo mag di-sipit baka mahirapan kayo kasi mahaba-habang lakaran yun, sa mga lalake, bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo, haha.
Since we’ll do hiking, for the girls, you can wear board shorts or any kind of shorts that is light in weight. Avoid wearing ‘maong-type’. Jogging pants will do. For the upper, it’s comfortable to wear sleeveless, tshirt or razor back. A rubber sandal is good especially the closed-type for it’s really a long walk. For the boys, get off. I don’t care about you guys, haha.

Kapag nasa cove na, syempre kasuotang panligo, wala masyado tao dun, kaya kung kaya nyo mag dalawang piraso mga babae, wag na kayo mahiya. Sa lalake bahala na rin kayo ulet sa buhay nyo.
At the cove, of course, swimming attire, the place is not populated. If you have the guts to show some skin, well, it’s better. For the boys, again, get off. I don’t care about you guys.

Sa paguwi, tutal sasakay na tayo ng bangka, pede na kahit ano. Pero kung walang bangka, sa bundok ulit tayo dadaan.
In heading back, since we’re chartering a boat, any will do. But if there will be no available boat, we’ll hit the mountain again.

How much?

Depende pa sa dami ng sasama. Kung sasama kayo, manghihingi ako ng paunang bayad na limangdaang piso (500Php) para sa kasiguraduhan ng inyong pagsama. Inuulit ko, paunang bayad lamang ang 500Php.
It depends on the number of attendees. If you’ll join, I’ll expect a deposit of 500 Php each and this will not be refundable. Again, 500 Php is a partial fee only.

Gusto mo makita ang sinasabi ko?
Do you want to see the place I’m telling you guys?

May kasamang mga imahe ang e-mail na ito. Tingnan mo nalang. Kung gusto mo ng babasahin tungkol sa lugar na ito, pumunta ka sa
I have attached photos in this email. Just browse through it. If you want advance reading about the place, clink the link below

o kaya i-type nyo lang ang anawangin sa yahoo o sa google at maraming resulta na ang lalabas.
Or you can Yahoo or Google it by typing Anawangin and I’m pretty sure lots of result will be shown.

Ano ang gagawin mo pagkatapos basahin ito?
What to do after reading this?

Mag-desisyon at kumpirmahin ang e-mail na ito. Kung marami pa kayong tanong tungkol dito, i-text/tawagan ako sa mga numerong 0915 xxxxxxx o 0922 xxxxxxx.
Decide and confirm this e-mail. If you have other question/s or clarification/s regarding this, feel free to text/call me thru 0915 xxxxxxx or 0922 xxxxxxx.

Salamat ng marami,
Thank you very much, 


This e-mail indeed brought me smile and made me remember the contentment of discovering the cove, I wow-ed again for the second time upon seeing the superb scenery on top of Mt. Pundaquit. On the other hand, I never thought that this adventure will turn into reality, since my friends were not really into hiking and nature tripping, I was scolded many times especially the girls (haha) because this is their first time to hike and to think that Mt. Pundaquit is not that an easy climb, they said that they don’t want to do it again, shouted their affliction and tiredness. But, I believed that behind these yells is a happy heart and eyes for they experienced an extraordinary adventure with great exposure in a wonderful creation of our Lord, a brilliant mountain of Pundaquit and shining cove of Anawangin.

Led Zeffelyn - Bong - Julius - Jefrizel - Renevic - Noel - Ma. Lourdes

A promise whispered last June 2006 at Splash Island in Laguna, followed by San Juan Laiya Beach Adventure in Batangas last April 2007, pursued by Soaking at a Hot Spring Resort in Los Banos Laguna last May 2008, and now, trailed by Hiking in Mt. Pundaquit with Swimming at Anawangin Cove. 

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  1. Cool. Going to Anawangin by hiking. Next time na punta ko ng Anawangin, yan din gagawen ko. hehe. inggetera lang..


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