The Blogger

I enjoy life as mush as I could.
I enjoy it by doing the things I want.
I’m an opportunity grabber.
I’m a perfectionist in my own sense.
I’m an intrepid explorer.
I travel if chances let me do so.
I’m living a simple yet busy life.
I’m not rich.
I drink more than 8 glasses of water everyday.
I love listening to old and soft music.
I know how to save money.
I know how to spend it too, in a practical way.
I’m a good billiard player.
I am Blessed.
I have an addicting embrace.
I’m easily attracted to a girl with white complexion, long hair and slim built.
I’m a secretive person.
I love talking to strangers.
I’m not intelligent.
I don’t eat okra.
I’m a techie person.
I have a color vision deficiency.
I’m not a fan of movies.
I’m a fan of documentaries.
I don’t know how to bake.
I’m a good kisser.
I’m a Proud Pinoy.
I don’t have any Apple product.
I sleep late and woke up late.
I have lots of picture in my external hard disk drive.
I’m a driver and a diver.
I don’t sing.
I like color black.
I’m not a writer.
I’m a frustrated writer.


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