The Travel Teller

I’m an adventurer, risk-taker, nature-lover, photographer-wannabe, frustrated writer, and a simple man with big dreams in life.

I enjoy life as much as I could and traveling is one of my hundred ways to do it. I love a nature destination; this is where I find the best lounge on earth and peace I’m looking for. The summit of a mountain never fails to keep me fascinated by its awesome view, the pain brought by hours of hiking relieves by the landscape well-moulded by Mother Earth, and the sound of the waves really sinks to my eardrum which set to be the finest tune I've ever heard. Of all these, I’m living a simple yet busy life and I’m happy with it. =)

The Travel Blog

Its title corresponds to ‘sea/water/beach lover, mountain/summit enthusiast and, anywhere ‘on-the-go’. It is a documentary of long and short journey on places I’ve been to. Most of my trips were destined to an island, beach, forest, mountain and summit. It is a personal journal of my travelling experience. It is about the achievements, as well as shortcomings, how I/we handle the situation and success of discovering the beauty of nature. It is a public journal that aims to encourage reader that a quest in nature is an awesome voyage.

Come on! Walk with me and I’ll show you how I enjoy life.

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